Digital Literacy Program

With the support of TATA Google project and Voice Foundation, Vann Muhil carried out digital literacy Life Skill Trainingprogram for rural women in Tirunelveli district in order to enhance the livelihood opportunities for them through mobile apps. With the distribution of mobile handsets to 99 young women instructors from different parts of the district, who were trained in use of mobile application relevant for enhancing livelihood opportunities, Vaan Muhil could reach out 60028 rural women in 387 villages from 19 blocks in Tirunelveli district in 2019.

Many of the trained young rural women have started micro enterprises / small trades in their own villages, after the training and some of them produce phenyl, soap oil, handicrafts, artificial jewellery and kids wear / garments, which are being sold in the local markets. They have also established links with local SHGs and schools and with their contacts, these young women entrepreneurs could make an additional living. In addition, there have been trainings for school and college students on the use of mobile apps for better employment opportunities.