Networking and Collaboration

Networking and collaboration

The director of the organization had the opportunity to be part of the two member team, representing Tamil Nadu Alliance in the three day OECD conference in mid February in Paris. The team members had changes to interact with international NGOs and governmental agencies during the conference and released the Tamil Nadu Declaration, seeking for commitments from the brands sourcing from the state.

Capacity Building for Program Staff

Capacity Building for Program Staff

The one day legal consultation for all partners was helpful to identify the needs, gaps and strategies in terms of legal interventions for the focus groups in the working villages. The resource persons could clarify all the doubts that the partners raised in the program and to consolidate all the points that came up in the discussion. The one day interaction was a prelude to all possible legal interventions to the mill workers and other community members in the working villages.

In Collaboration with other Stakeholders

In Collaboration with other Stakeholders

Vaan Muhil collaborates with other civil society groups and networks that work on women rights, child rights, labour rights, dalit rights and human rights across Tamil Nadu. It has been part of several networks that are taking up specific rights issues at state and national level, particularly on bonded labour, child labour, forced labour, migrant labour, human trafficking and right to education.

Labour Rights Education Programs


Vaan Muhil organizes public education programs on labour rights at community level – for adolescent girls groups
and for community support groups in the working villages. Young working women try to understand on aspects of labour rights such as working hours, minimum wage, health and safety measures, freedom of movement and so on. The Film Based Curriculum, designed to educate the adolescent working girls and community members, is a tool for them.

Livelihood Support Programs

Life Skill Training

Vaan Muhil organizes livelihood support programs for the survivors of loabour exploitations and their family members through skill development trainings and micro enterprises with possible financial support. The organization also makes linkages with government departments so that the needy families get benefits through government schemes and services.

Adolescent Empowerment

Adolescent Girls Group Vaanmuhil

Community Resource Centres in the working villages provide meaningful spaces for the school going children to develop their dormant potentials and their personality through their active participation in a number of extra curricular activities such as Yoga, folk arts like Silambam , dances and drama, games, competitions,  talent shows,  spoken English and handicraft preparation. The children get involved in beyond …