Capacity Building for Program Staff

Capacity Building for Program Staff

5.1. Legal Training for Partners

The one day legal consultation for all partners was helpful to identify the needs, gaps and strategies in terms of legal interventions for the focus groups in the working villages. The resource persons could clarify all the doubts that the partners raised in the program and to consolidate all the points that came up in the discussion. The one day interaction was a prelude to all possible legal interventions to the mill workers and other community members in the working villages.

5.2. Three day training on Financial Management for Partners

The three day training on Financial Management was very helpful to all partners and Vaan Muhil learnt a lot on various related topics such as financial policy, budgeting, internal control systems, accounting, recording of transaction, legal compliances, reporting and auditing. The intensive training gave an updated information related to above mentioned topics and legal requirement that are needed for NGOs. The group exercises and case studies presented were very good in learning these things and these exercises made the sessions were lively, participatory and enriching.

5.3. Facilitators’ conference for Partners

The one day district level conferences for all facilitators of the four Freedom Fund Partners in VirudhuNagar district were held at Sivaakasi, VirudhuNagar Town and Aruppukkottai. The conferences provided a platform for all facilitators to share their work experiences, practical difficulties and best practices in the implementation of the project. The inputs on Sexual harassment at work places were very useful to all facilitators and the participation of the members from DLSA and other departments was a motivation for them. The cultural programs performed by the facilitators in the afternoon brought more joy and closeness among them. The sharing of facilitators was a very good learning and they also had an opportunity to speak about their achievements, best practices and challenges. The input session on ESI and PF benefits by the resource person was useful to all facilitators, who could understand the entire benefits of ESI and PF for the working women.